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Meet Your Maker with Jos Ruffell from Garage Project Crushed

Garage Project founder Jos Ruffell joins us to present wines from the renowned craft brewery’s new winemaking programme, GP Crushed.

In Jos' own words: "GP Crushed is about challenging existing ideas around wine and winemaking approaches. We're here to inject some energy and excitement into one of the world's oldest drinks, by taking brewers' approaches and techniques around yeast and bacteria that winemakers might not have considered... Our Wild Wine is not strictly 'natural wine,' although almost all our fruit will be organic. Our Wild Wine also industrial winemaking, although we're not adverse to pitching specific yeast strains or enzymes to achieve a desired result. Our Wild Wines are about picking and choosing techniques to start and provoke a dialogue. We're here to try something new."

Jos will join us on 11 July from 5pm with eight Garage Project Crushed wines, ready to guide you through a range of different grapes, styles and fermentation processes.

As ever Meet Your Maker will be a casual event, designed to let you have the evening that you want, be that tasting by the glass, half glass, bottle or flight, paired with anything from a light snack to a full meal.

Book now to secure your table - this is one Meet Your Maker you won't want to miss.